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Nursery Nosh is an outside catering company supplying lunches and afternoon tea’s to nurseries and pre-schools.

Founded by parents who have a passion for great food, we know the importance of providing babies and small children with the chance to experience a healthy, tasty and varied diet containing both traditional and specialty recipes.

All of our meals are prepared fresh on a daily basis and are healthy, well balanced and tasty and recipes follow all UK health and safety legislation and guidelines.

As nursery caterers we have a responsibility to offer a varied range of flavours as young children begin to develop their preferences. Our nursery catering incorporates traditional British favourites, regional specialties and global flavours.

Choosing Nursery Nosh as your catering supplier allows you to concentrate on childcare and the day to day running of your nursery setting. As such, you do not need to employ nursery catering staff or purchase expensive nursery catering equipment.

Why not contact us and arrange to sample our delicious menu.

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